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95 Thomson Road • Esko, MN 55733

  • Rock Creek Storage prohibits the storage of flammable or explosive materials in storage units. This includes household chemicals, paint thinner, and fuels. Internal combustion engines must be completely drained of fuel before storage.
  • Boxes of similar size stack better. Try to keep heavier ones on the bottom.  
  • Clean and protect anything that may be subject to rust or corrosion. Wipe iron or steel with light oil, or use automative wax to protect chrome, etc.
  • Stack items in rows to allow access to the back of the storage unit.
  • Fill partially-full boxes with packing material to keep them from collapsing.
  • Moisture from the air can damage wood, cardboard, and other fibrous materials. Place plastic on concrete floors, and consider using pallets or other spacers to prevent contact with damp surfaces.
  • Use breathable fabric dust covers rather than plastic tarps to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Leave sealed compartments open to prevent moisture condensation and damage.
  • Rock Creek Storage takes security very seriously, but you are responsible for taking basic precautions. Place more valuable items out of sight, and use a high-quality lock.